Elizabeth Easton Kirschner

Memorialization of The Spaç Labor Camp

Capturing former prisoner stories through digital reconstruction

Case Study

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The Spaç Prison served as an Albanian labor camp from 1968 to 1992. Today, it is a cultural monument, but often overlooked, and its physical condition is rapidly deteriorating. This project explored digital reconstruction to drive interest in and preserve stories about the former prison. The project began with a review of prior work in the field of digital reconstruction. With this background, group members worked with computer modeling software, web technologies, and witness testimony to create a prototype. Through testing the prototype, they provided recommendations and strategies for future work. Culture Heritage without Borders (CHwB) – Albania sponsored this project.

Presidents Award

This project was the winner of the 2020 WPI President's IQP Award for 2020 being an outstanding Interactive Qualiftying Project.

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The Spaç Prison website is now live! Follow the link below to see how CHWB leveraged the insights from my teams work.